Faylan Shekinah Smoke Suki in Sable

Faylan is the one we have waited for for many years - a cheeky silver sable girl with deep rich black pigment - she has her mother's personality - bright, smart and soooo naughty - a loveable rogue who never fails to make you smile - she loves everything and everybody

Faylan's Hipscore 8:6 Elbows 0:0 DM Tested

Fayland 9 weeks 3
Faylan 12 weeks cutest pup
Faylan 16 weeks edited
Faylan RBIS Ped Dunham
Faylan 1st Open Bitch
Faylan RBIS Ped
hale magna 009
Faylan 16 months
faylan 14 months 4